Benefits of LED Light Bulbs Over Other Lighting Mediums

  • Thursday, 01 July 2021
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Benefits of LED Light Bulbs Over Other Lighting Mediums

LED light bulbs were introduced inefficiently into the market during the 1970s, but they were soon popularized by the art community and made a strong impact on every household. This type of light offers several advantages over other traditional incandescent bulbs. Compared to other types of bulbs, they give off more light at a lower cost and last longer than its incandescent counterpart. LED lights also consume less electricity while saving you money on your electric bill. You can expect your light bulb to last up to 75 years if you take good care of it, which will definitely be a worthwhile investment for you.

An LED is a semiconductor lighting source which emits light only when current passes through it. The term 'light emitting diode' is used interchangeably with 'light diode' or 'light semiconductor'. Electrons in the silicon semiconductor recombine together with electron vacancies, releasing energy as photons in the form of visible light. This is a process which takes place inside the semiconductor, creating an electrical signal which can be interpreted by an LED's semiconductor device. Traditional LEDs are composed of a core filled with neon-xenon gas which is encased within an air gap, while newer types are made out of a semiconducting material called 'insulated glass fiber' which gives the same color intensity but prevents heat buildup.

These devices produce light through the power of electrons, which makes them a clean, efficient and long-lasting source of energy. It also makes them far less expensive than incandescent bulbs. Since they don't use electricity, they do not trigger any harmful side effects like carbon buildup and other air pollutants.

Another advantage of using led bulbs over traditional ones is their energy consumption efficiency. Most LED lamps require half the energy consumption of ordinary incandescent ones. Moreover, LED light bulbs produce light at a much higher intensity than their incandescent counterparts, resulting in significant savings in energy consumption. LED lights thus prove to be cost-effective solutions for lighting your home, office or other commercial premises.

When it comes to its durability, leds stand up to heat, rain, dirt and UV rays better than any other lighting medium. Light tints and coatings also help improve the life of led lights. Let's also have the added advantage of having high power output. The LED lights can be used to replace many traditional lamp bulbs in your home and office and thereby cutting down your energy consumption and electricity bills.

There are different classes of LED light bulbs that make them different from one another. They all come with an Energy Star label, which denotes that they are energy efficient. The most popular classes are High LED (or HCD), Low-GI and Full LED. Based on the energy consumption efficiency, the brightness of the light emitted and its measured performance, full LED bulbs score over High LED, Low GI and Full LED class as the most effective options. Hence, we can conclude that the benefits offered by led lights cannot be ignored as they are highly beneficial for our environment.

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