How to Select the Fitable Wigs

How to Select the Fitable Wigs

  • Friday, 29 July 2022
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1. Wigs are also divided into sizes. Generally, machine-made wigs have two sizes, small 52-54cm, medium 55-57cm. Standard sizes can be selected for short hair, and a larger size is recommended for long hair.

2. Hair picking chemical fiber hair: easy to knot, irritable, easy to knot after washing, basically disposable. 100% real hair: long life, washable, blowing, cutting, dyeing and perming. If you wear it for a long time, it is recommended to choose real hair.

3. Look at the process quality, full mechanism process: all production processes are machined, with the advantages of low cost, low fidelity and poor air permeability. This process is usually used for chemical fiber wigs with tens of yuan. Full hand weaving process: simulated scalp, light, realistic, breathable and comfortable. Have hair loss, white hair, need to wear for a long time, choose full hand weaving process is the most suitable! Suitable for all seasons.

4. Choose a hairstyle and wig to match your face. Because everyone's face shape is different. In view of the fact that real hair can be repeated and trimmed, it is recommended to buy real hair. Even if the hair style is not suitable, you can also ask the hairdresser of Yier wig to help you make a hair style suitable for you!

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