The Arduino Tank Control Board - Programmable Electronic Toy Tank!

  • Thursday, 27 May 2021
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arduino tank control

The Arduino Tank Control Board - Programmable Electronic Toy Tank!

Arduino tank control switches and sensors have been all the rage for electronics hobbyists for some time now. You can find them in everything from toys to hospitals but why? Well, they're cute and fun to play with and easy to program using an Arduino or other AVR based robot. So we thought we would take a look at how easy it is to get started with the Arduino and Bluetooth system to control any Arduino robot of your choice.

So if you've been looking for the perfect gift for someone else's kid or grandchild, we recommend the Arduino Wireless Tank Control Board with Bluetooth transmitters. This kit is actually one giant step above our traditional Arduino boards and Bluetooth kits. It will allow you to control your tanks from anything that has a Bluetooth transmitter built into it and then wirelessly connect that transmitter to your computer to upload the information and control your robots using your laptop, tablet PC or smartphone. For those that want to get started with this amazingly versatile technology early, we are about to help you do exactly that.

The kit consists of everything you need to get started. It comes with a radio transmitter, a tank clip for the tank head, batteries, and an arduino Uno microcontroller with an on board USB port for programming your robot. We have put together everything you need in the box for you to start building and playing with it right away! All you need is a tank, of course, and a few friends to join the fun. After connecting the transmitter to your computer and downloading the software, you are ready to roll.

Most sensors and controllers will come preinstalled on the Arduino Tank Control Board with the Bluetooth adapters. These sensors include a temperature, an overhead light, a CO2 detector, a water level meter, a leak detector, a water level gauge, an audio signal decoder, and an LED. The software that is provided will also allow you to interface with other external devices such as cell phones, Zigbee transmitters, and other electronic gadgets. This is a great way to teach children about how sensors work, along with giving them a chance to learn more about programming the sensors themselves. This can be a great project for the entire family to work on.

There are several different sizes and shapes available in the Arduino Tank Control Board. If you want something smaller or bigger than the one included in the kit, you can buy additional items from your local electronics store. The biggest advantage of these tanks is that they are small enough to fit right into a desk drawer or even on a table top. You can take it anywhere with you and never miss a beat!

We have put out many articles on the basics of programming, along with how to use the Arduino to control your toys. If you are new to programming your own electronics, this is a great place to start! If you have experience working with electronics, or you just want to jump right in and make a great little robot, the Arduino tank control kit is the perfect choice for you!

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