The essential knowledge of the use of wigs

The essential knowledge of the use of wigs

  • Friday, 12 August 2022
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Wearing a wig is also learned, wearing a good half the effort, wearing not to make a fool of yourself. So I will explain the wearing of wigs, washing and maintenance knowledge, so that you can learn how to make wigs better for you from the beginning.


Wig selection:

1. Choose a thin, breathable liner for your wig.

2. The size of the wig should be appropriate, and the location of the wigs should be exactly consistent with their own sideburns

3. Match your skin tone to make the wig feel comfortable.

4. Non-professional personnel of simulation hair products should not use hair dryer to avoid hair damage.

The wearing of wigs has nothing to do with their hair style or hair color, so anyone can try wearing wigs. Fashionable wig serves as the gens new force of hairdressing articles. No matter long hair, black hair, red hair, as long as wearing a wig and clothing, makeup harmonious match, will make you increase the beauty and confidence.


How to wear wig products

1 will wig bangs ahead of time, two ears with the thumb and ring finger pinched, index finger and middle finger fixed elastic, from front to back will wig wear.

2. Adjust your wig to the best condition, with your ears aligned and the front edge of the net aligned with your forehead hairline, until the wig fits your head perfectly and there is no tightening or loosening sensation.

3. Use a comb to create your desired hairstyle. Insert the comb diagonally into your hair, turn it outward to increase volume and volume, and flick the ends of your hair with your fingers for a more natural look.

4. According to the different products, you can pick out your bangs, hair and sideburns with a sharp tail comb, so that your wig and your hairstyle can be completely integrated into the best place to wear the wig

When choosing a wig, the first step is to make the size of the wig equal to the head circumference of the wearer. Too small pressure, affect the blood circulation of the head, resulting in headache, dizziness and other phenomena; Too large, lack of security, on the basis of the appropriate model, depending on the width of the forehead, it will be worn in an appropriate position. Wide forehead, the court is longer, when wearing the edge of the wig slightly down, with a certain amount of hair curtain as a foil; Narrow FOREHEAD, GO UP COURT SHORTER, WHEN MATCH WEARS, THE EDGE OF WIG IS SLIGHTLY UPWARD, BUT UNFAVORABLE TOO UPWARD, LEAVE A FEW HAIR SHADE TO MAKE FOIL.


Washing method of wig products

1. Comb the hair before washing (gradually dredge the hair from the end, otherwise it may damage the hair).

2. Turn the cap over before washing.

3. Pour an appropriate amount of neutral shampoo into warm water (about 20°C) and stir well. Soak the product in water for 5 minutes, rub it gently and rinse with water.

4. Pour proper amount of hair conditioner into warm water and stir well. Then soak the product in water for 10 minutes and rinse it with clean water.

5. Gently beat the water with a towel, or gently shake off the water and comb the hair naturally, and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

6. Finish the product after the hair is completely dry.


How to maintain wigs

1. The combing should be light. Wig cover should be combed before use, after wearing a wig cover to comb slightly on it. Comb wig generally choose sparse comb is better, comb hair to use oblique combing method, can not be straight comb, and the action should be light.

2. Don't use bobby pins. Some people like to hold their wigs in bobby pins to prevent the wind from blowing them off. However, don't clamp your hair too hard. Otherwise, easy to hook bad wig net cover. Accordingly, HAD BETTER NOT USE HAIRPIN, CAN USE ADORNMENT SEX HAIR BAND TO FASTEN HAIR ON WIG.

3. Do not twist with hands when washing. Often wear hair cover, generally two or three months washing is appropriate. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb and then rinse it with a diluted conditioner solution. Cut can not be wrung with both hands, but can not wash the false foam in the washing liquid. And APPLY BOTH HANDS gently THE foam above THE DIRECTION OF smooth HAIR silk to drift net, AIR dries NEXT, AVOID by all MEANS INSOLATE BELOW THE SUN.

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