Tips to Purchasing an OEM Replacement Lamp

  • Monday, 03 May 2021
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Tips to Purchasing an OEM Replacement Lamp

If you are like most IT professionals, you probably have an OEM bulb that is nearly red-shaded and dull looking.otp bulb It may even have some tiny cracks on it. You may be wondering what the deal is here. There are actually several reasons this type of bulb may look bad. One is a poor fit by the manufacturer. In other words, the hole was not drilled and then screw capped tightly.

This could easily happen with some lamps.otp bulb otp bulb A factory made bulb may not be cut properly or may not be cut evenly. The internal wiring connection may be near the edge of the tube instead of centered, or maybe it's missing one of the diodes. The result? Poor color, poor quality, and no light at all! The bulb may very well just need to be replaced.

You can usually find an OEM bulb to replace your broken or misplaced one in your local PC store. It is fairly simple to install if you have some basic electrical knowledge. The price of an OEM bulb will be more than offset by the savings you'll see over the life of the bulb. In many cases the cost of the replacement will be far less than what you would spend on a brand new bulb.

One reason you may get an OEM replacement instead of a new bulb is if you purchased your desk lamp direct from the retailer. It's rare that you'll find a manufacturer that doesn't sell directly to the public, so chances are good that they carry a few discontinued models. You can often pick these up at deep discounts. The benefit of a refurbished lamp is that it has already been through the manufacturer's quality control process. It should come with a warranty and should have been through quality testing as well.

Before you purchase a replacement for your light fixture, you should check the wattage and other specifications. Many manufacturers only list the maximum allowable voltage for their products. If your current bulb will not handle this level of voltage, you may be able to buy a higher wattage bulb. There are several online stores that sell OTP bulbs, but be careful when making your selection. Most of them are selling these products at significant discounts.

You may want to consider purchasing an OEM replacement if the bulb has a long lifespan. While it won't be able to last as long as a new one, it will still be better than buying a cheap knock-off. When choosing an OTP bulb you need to make sure you buy from a reputable source. There are plenty of companies out there selling products that don't even have an official seal of approval from the proper authorities.

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