What Can an Arduino Do For You?

  • Monday, 07 June 2021
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What Can an Arduino Do For You?

One of the first products that the Arduino board was sold for was the Arduino Uno - a very small, easy to use, and cheap microcontroller.arduino controller That was then and this is now. The Arduino is, like the Arduino controller, pretty versatile and is able to do many different things. We are not just talking about creating your own animations or programs here, but instead we are talking about using it as an educational device. In fact, you can hook your Arduino up to something (like a VGA computer) and hook up a transmitter to it and program it in such a way that it interacts with whatever you want it to.

You can use it to control light - either soft/hard.arduino controller You can also use it to control heat. But what is really neat is that you can also use it interactively. How so? Well, if you have programmed your Arduino to act like a mouse, you can use it to move the cursor around the screen.

This might sound a bit "perverse" for a device used to manipulate physical movements - but consider this. When someone is playing a game like Guitar Hero, what happens to their hands? It moves up and down, left and right, tapping certain keys or moving their arms. They use the same motions - they bend their wrists, stretch, jerk - the motions people would use to play guitar.

So, if you want to control your Robot Truck with your Arduino - why not use it to control it electronically? That's right - all you have to do is send it some electrical signals. See the beauty of this? With the Arduino, you don't have to deal with all the mechanical programming - all you have to do is get the signal, program it, and send it on its way.

And what if you want to use your Arduino to control more than one object at once? That's right - you can! You can use multiple objects communicate with each other. The more objects you attach to your Robot Truck, the more complicated your motor will be - and the harder it will be to program. But it's fun... it's very fun.

Some people use their Arduino controllers as GPS systems, too. To control an automobile or truck from a distance, it's necessary to have GPS hardware. But with the Arduino, that's just a matter of attaching a few sensors. In the future, we're sure to see far more gadgets that are controlled by the Arduino.

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