What you need to wear a wig:

What you need to wear a wig:

  • Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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What you need to wear a wig:

Wigs have whole hair covers, half hair covers, small hair pieces, hair bundles, buns, and so on.


1. The whole hair cover, the back of the hair cover has flexible elastic band, which can adapt to a variety of sizes of hair types. Used to cover up large areas or change hair styles.

2. Half hair cover can make up for some defects. For example, if worn in the front half, it can cover the front top of sparse hair loss, and if worn in the back half, it can make hair fluffy or longer. Half hair cover wear, with hair clips and their own hair fixed, the first half of the wig can also be customized on both sides of the belt, tied in the back of the head of the hair, the second half of the wig can also be fixed in the front edge of the hair cover with hair clips, and then clamped in their own hair. Half hair cover color and your own hair color to match. Small hair. The AMOUNT THAT CAN STRENGTHEN A HAIR FEELS, ALSO CAN MAKE IT ALL SORTS OF FANCY MODELLING IS FIXED ON SOME PLACE, COMB AND CHANGE HAIRSTYLE ARE VERY CONVENIENT. If CLIP ON FOREHEAD HAIR, SERVE AS bangs, ALSO CAN MAKE A BUN TO INSTALL ON HIND HEAD OR TOP OF HEAD. It can also be combed into a curly pattern and clamped in the appropriate place after making it curly. Small hair pieces of light weight, generally used to pin fixed.

3. Hair bundles, a variety of different lengths of hair bundles, can be used in different ways, such as replacement hair, braid hair, etc. For example, short hair can be tied at the back of the head, making a "horse tail"; Long strands can be added to short hair and braided. The hair bundle is usually tucked in your own hair and tied tightly.

When you buy a wig, you should be able to distribute some matching things. In general, there are the following:

1. A hairnet, a tool for putting your hair in a net while wearing a wig.

2. Small clips, sometimes used to clamp the hair net.

3. Wig holder. Place the wig on the holder when not wearing to prevent distortion of the wig.

4. Care solution, wig is also needed to care, care to wear longer, so it is best to have care wig products

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