DHL Target vehicle track chassis RC Mobile Intelligent Tracked Vehicle Heavy Load Crawler With 48V Battery /9-channel Controller

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Tank Chassis
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1. This is a custom-made chasssis, the delivery period is 30 days so if you want it, please extend the delivery day to 30 days. And you can specify any color. Please know this. Thanks
​2. The chassis has been updated. The size will be a little different but it is stronger. 
Product Introduction
System composition
This system is a radio remote control target vehicle designed according to the requirements of a tank-like target vehicle. It is suitable for any complex terrain.
Working principle
After the system is powered on, the remote control and remote control instructions of the control station are coded according to a certain frame format and radiated by the remote control antenna after two modulations. After the vehicle-mounted equipment receives the signal, it demodulates, decodes and transmits the remote control instructions to the corresponding servo mechanism to complete the control of various actions of the vehicle body.
Product Parameters
Car Parameters
Body Material: Steel
Wheel Material: polyurethane
Track Material: Iron core + rubber 
Size; 1342x890x522mm
Dead weight; 130Kg
Speed; 8Km / hour
Load; 150Kg
Climbing; less than 30 degrees
Exchange rate; 1000wx2
Battery; 48v30AH
Life time; 2 hours
Battery Parameters ( No included in the shipping List)
1.48V40AH ternary lithium battery
2.The maximum voltage is 58.6V and the discharge voltage is 45V.
3.Comes with a dedicated 48V lithium battery charger.
4.battery charging
  • a. Unscrew the 2-pin aviation plug dust cap on the rear panel of the chassis
  • b. Plug the charger's 3-pin aviation plug to the car body (note the direction 1 positive 2 negative)
  •   c. Connect the charger to 220V city power
  • d. When the charger indicator changes and the fan stops rotating, continue to balance charging for 1h, and the charging is completed.
  • e. Life time is 2h


Receiver Parameters
9-channel 2.4GHz dual-core, dual antenna, dual receiver
  • Frequency band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz
  • Sensitivity: -97dBm
  • Ground straight distance: more than 900 meters
  • Decoding method PPM / PCMS 1024 / PCMS 4096
  • Quick signal recovery, runaway protection
  • Power: 4.8-6V
  • Size: 44.8*27.9*16.39mm
  • Turn on the power switch of the remote control first, then turn on the power switch of the car body and release the emergency stop. (The emergency stop switch of the remote control is in the start position). Wait for the receiver of the remote control to communicate successfully.
  • The joystick on the right side of the remote control is the body motion control joystick, which corresponds to the front, back, left, right, left front, right front, left rear, and right rear of the vehicle. The eight directions are proportional control, and the joystick is offset. The angle corresponds to the speed of the car body.
  • Remember not to manipulate it drastically and not to swell and stop frequently.
  • When the voltage of the remote control is less than 9.5v, it means that the battery is low and needs to be replaced with a new battery.
Driver Parameters
48V50A driver
Dimensions: 130 * 190 * 50mm
1) Natural convection cooling (the bottom heat sink should be attached to a good heat conductive surface to improve product performance)
2) Equipment anti-vibration
3) Minimum speed, speed closed-loop mode supports 0 speed
4) In speed closed-loop mode, 100 rpm to rated speed, speed error 0.1%
5) Motor stall protection
6) Over temperature protection, over current protection, overload protection
7) Ambient temperature -35 ° C to 60 ° C
8) Ambient humidity ≤80RH
Product Features
1) Dual drive, 2 sets of Hall interface, 2 sets of encoder interface
2) Closed-loop control, over-voltage monitoring, support for open-loop, Hall closed-loop, and encoder closed-loop
3) 485 communication interface, CAN communication interface
4) 8 digital inputs, configurable terminal control and communication control
5) 6 digital outputs
Shippijng List
Chassis * 1
Controller * 1
Charger * 1
Remote control + enable relay * 1
Panel electrical and main wiring harness
Note: Do not ship batttery because of the shipping forbidden.
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