• DO DT-05 Wireless WiFi Module Serial Port Transparent Transmission TTL To WiFi Compatible Bluetooth HC-06 For Arduino
  • DO DT-05 Wireless WiFi Module Serial Port Transparent Transmission TTL To WiFi Compatible Bluetooth HC-06 For Arduino
  • DO DT-05 Wireless WiFi Module Serial Port Transparent Transmission TTL To WiFi Compatible Bluetooth HC-06 For Arduino

DO DT-05 Wireless WiFi Module Serial Port Transparent Transmission TTL To WiFi Compatible Bluetooth HC-06 For Arduino

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  • AT firmware
  • TTF
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Item specifics

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Composite Material
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Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Technical parameters:
Value 5
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Remote Controller
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Bottom Plate

Option description:

  • AT firmware means the firmware of the module is AT firmware.
  • TTF means the firmware of the module is transparent transmission  firmware.

Product introduction:

  • TTL-WiFi transparent transmission firmware is developed by Shenzhen Sibo Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. based on the company's ESP-M2 wireless module, realizing the real-time transparent transmission of module serial port and WiFi data. After our company's painstaking research and development, its firmware functionality and stability have met the industrial level transparent transmission requirements. This firmware greatly optimizes the serial port receiving and transmitting performance. It specially designed the reconnection mechanism in WiFi STA mode and the reconnection mechanism in TCP Client mode to ensure stable connection and transmission of data links.
  • The developed transparent transmission firmware optimizes the web page configuration interface, supports AP, STA, AP+STA configuration mode, supports serial port baud rate from 300bps to 3686400bps, supports TCP Server/Client, UDP Server/Client, UDP LAN broadcast, etc. Features. At the same time compatible with AT command configuration, it is the most cost-effective WiFi transparent transmission product on the market.

Product features:

  • The TTL-WiFi module is based on the development of our ESP-M2 WiFi module, which leads to the serial port TTL, EN, STATE and other pins. The built-in serial port transparent transmission firmware of our company can complete real-time transparent transmission of data from TTL port to WiFi/cloud of the device, with low power consumption control and status indication. This module can directly replace the original wired serial port to realize data acquisition and control of embedded devices.

TTL-WiFi module features:

  • Fully compatible with the original Bluetooth transparent transmission module electrical interface and physical interface;
  • Built-in industrial grade transparent transmission firmware V3.0, reliable and stable, WEB interface configuration;
  • Based on ESP-M2 high-performance WiFi module, the overall size: 34mm × 17mm × 4mm;
  • Supply voltage: 4.5V~6.0V, TTL voltage: 3.3V (compatible with 5.0V);
  • Lead pin: STATE, TXD, RXD, EN;
  • Average current: 80mA; 170mA for WiFi data transmission; 20μA for deep sleep mode;
  • Support serial AT command;
  • Support for reprogrammable, OTA firmware upgrades;
  • Serial port and WiFi data are seamlessly transmitted in real time;
  • Built-in HTTP Web Server, support web page configuration parameters;
  • WiFi supports three modes: AP, STA, and AP STA.
  • Supports automatic reconnection in WiFi STA mode and automatic reconnection in TCP Client mode;
  • The serial port supports setting the baud rate, data bit, parity, stop bit, and packetization time.
  • Support baud rate (bps): 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/74800/115200/
  • 230400/460800/921600/1843200/3686400;
  • Support AP enable, custom SSID/password, custom IP and network segment, etc.
  • Automatically scan surrounding hotspots, support STA enable, DHCP, custom IP and network segment, etc.
  • Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client and UDP LAN broadcast;
  • The remote server address supports automatic DNS domain name resolution;
  • Support viewing status through AT commands;
  • Lead IO4 to characterize the WiFi status.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ° C ~ +125 ° C;
  • Application scenarios: smart home, wireless data collection and transmission, smart car control, wireless serial printer, outdoor LED lights, industrial control, etc.

Shipping list:

  • 1pcs DT-05 module


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