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  • Pure serial port WiFi data acquisition and analysis TZ-M1 is the latest product developed by our company for employees' attendance and passenger flow statistics. The product analyzes and counts the signal strength and signal characteristics by capturing 2.4G WiFi signals, and realizes data analysis such as employee attendance, user trajectory analysis, shopping mall heat map, traffic statistics, new customer statistics and user residence time. Auxiliary business decisions.
  • The working principle of TZ-M1 is: the device collects WiFi data packets in the full-band polling mode within a specified time, and then the data collection and analysis uploads the collected data to the upper computer through the serial port.

Collection range:

  • The data acquisition and analysis does not send a signal, but the receiving end is used to receive signals sent by the mobile phone and the router.
  • Therefore, the coverage of the acquisition is determined by the coverage of the mobile phone and router signal (transmitted signal strength).
  • It is recommended to use a good acquisition within a radius of 30 meters (π × 30 × 30 = 2800, that is, about 2800 square meters of coverage), usually open to 50-100 meters, the limit distance of 1000 meters

Acquisition speed:

  • There are 13 channels in WiFi. Because the signals of mobile phones and routers are distributed in different channels, 13 channels must be traversed and scanned once. Each channel scan takes about 250 milliseconds, that is, it takes about 3 seconds to scan one round ( Channel switching time).
  • The experience value is about 80% for scanning in 1 round, and more than 95% for scanning in 2 rounds. Therefore, it is recommended to wait in one place for scanning for 1~2 rounds.

power bank:

  • The charging treasure is powered by 5V and has an average operating current of 100mA.
  • With a charging capacity of 20000 mAh, it can work at 80% efficiency and can work 20000×80%/100=160 hours.


  • The Apple mobile phone only has a random MAC during the probing phase (ie, no WiFI is connected), and the other phases are real MAC. Therefore, the data acquisition analysis can capture a random mac in the case that the Apple mobile phone is not connected to the route, and is a real MAC at other stages.

Mobile phone black screen:

  • Data collection and analysis can only be captured in the case of a packet sent by the mobile phone. This is a prerequisite. If you do not use the mobile phone for 2-5 minutes for a long time, the mobile phone will first turn off the screen. At this stage, the wifi can still communicate normally, the communication frequency is reduced, and the data acquisition and analysis can capture the mobile phone MAC. If it takes another 5 minutes or so, there is no interaction, the communication module will be closed, and there will be no packet transmission, which will not be detected.

How to identify a fake MAC:

  • According to the IEEE802.11 specification, the 2nd byte is 0 4 8 C is the normal MAC, as the following MAC
  • 36:CE:00:08:54:EE
  • The second byte is 6, to determine the fake MAC

Product description:

The structure of the probe module is shown below:



  • Support for 802.11 b/g/n
  • Built-in Tensilica L106 ultra-low power 32-bit micro MCU with support for 80 MHz and 160 MHz, RTOS support
  • Built-in 10 bit high precision ADC
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ° C - 80 ° C
  • Working voltage: 3.3V

Data reception:

  • The data collection and analysis will capture the WiFi MAC address and send it to the host computer through the serial port in the form of character stream. The baud rate is 115200. The format is as follows:
  • Frame source MAC frame destination MAC Frame class Frame class Channel RSSI signal strength
  • For example: 08:11:96:7B:C9:40 20:76:93:36:B7:60 01 09 5 -62

Appearance and size:


Shipping list:

  • 1pcs module


  • More documents can be downloaded at


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