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Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
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Remote Controller
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Bottom Plate


Collection range:

  • The probe does not send a signal, but only the receiving end, which is used to receive signals sent by the mobile phone and the router.
  • Therefore, the coverage of the acquisition is determined by the coverage of the mobile phone and router signal (transmitted signal strength).
  • It is recommended to use a good acquisition within a radius of 30 meters (π × 30 × 30 = 2800, that is, about 2800 square meters of coverage), usually open to 50-100 meters, the limit distance of 1000 meters

Acquisition speed:

  • There are 13 channels in WiFi. Because the signals of mobile phones and routers are distributed in different channels, 13 channels must be traversed and scanned once. Each channel scan takes about 250 milliseconds, that is, it takes about 3 seconds to scan one round ( Channel switching time).
  • The experience value is about 80% for scanning in 1 round, and more than 95% for scanning in 2 rounds. Therefore, it is recommended to wait in one place for scanning for 1~2 rounds.

Power Bank:

  • The advertising machine is powered by 5V and has an average operating current of 100mA.
  • With a charging capacity of 20000 mAh, it can work at 80% efficiency and can work  20000×80%/100=160 hours.


  • The Apple mobile phone only has a random MAC during the probing phase (ie, no WiFI is connected), and the other phases are real MAC. So the probe can grab a random mac if the Apple phone is not connected to the route, and it is a real MAC at other stages.

Mobile phone black screen:

  • The probe can only be captured in the case of a packet sent by the mobile phone, which is a prerequisite. If you do not use the mobile phone for 2-5 minutes for a long time, the mobile phone will first turn off the screen. At this stage, the wifi can communicate normally, the communication frequency is reduced, and the probe can capture the MAC address of the mobile phone. If it takes another 5 minutes or so, there is no interaction, the communication module will be closed, and there will be no packet transmission, which will not be detected.

How to identify fake MAC:

  • According to the IEEE802.11 specification, the 2nd byte is 0 4 8 C is the normal MAC, as the following MAC
  • 36:CE:00:08:54:EE
  • The second byte is 6, to determine the fake MAC


  • Even if the customer is not connected to Wi-Fi, as long as the Wi-Fi option of the mobile phone is not turned off, the Wi-Fi probe can detect the signal transmitted by the customer's mobile phone and can be used for passenger flow positioning, new and old customer identification, customer mobile phone brand identification and other data. analysis.
  • Full channel, all packages are fully crawled (can detect Apple mobile phones, Apple mobile phone only random MAC during the detection phase, other stages are real MAC).
  • Even if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it can be detected (the general router modified probe can't do it).
  • From the Wi-Fi module design, firmware development, positioning algorithm, probe supporting PC software, APP software all aspects of the company's independent research and development, it can provide a full range of technical support and customization needs.
  • Convenient integration, integration can be completed with only 4 wires.


  • TZ-DT06: WiFi-TTL can be integrated with only 4 wires
  • TZ-M1:15*12.3 ultra-small size, support ipx external antenna
  • TZ-M2: 15*12.3 ultra small size, onboard antenna
  • TZ-USB: comes with a USB interface, you can buy it for direct testing
  • TZ-USB-WZ: external antenna


Product connection:

  • TZ-DT06 has led to 6 pins, which can be directly wired for integration testing.
  • TZ-M1 and TZ-M2 are module versions that can be integrated into the product.
  • TZ-USB is an integrated USB interface version that can be directly plugged into a PC test.

Each pin definition of the module:


Data reading:

  • After the product connection is completed, the data can be read directly through the serial port. The serial port baud rate is set to 115200, and other options are default.
  • If you need PC test, please use DuPont line to transfer to USB-TTL device, then install the corresponding driver (with CP210X and Ch340 driver in the accessory), open the directory "Probe PC debugging tool - Sibo Zhilian-WiFi detection Host computer - setup tool .exe"
  • Run to wait for the results shown below:


Ddata analysis:

  • The Doit probe firmware has built-in analysis system. The data transmitted through the serial port is the processed data. The processing algorithm defaults to de-duty within 1 second. The first behavior is the MAC address of the STA such as the mobile phone, and the second behavior is the router address. See the attached "WiFi Probe Principles Tutorial.pdf".

Shipping list:

  • 1pcs wifi module


  • More documents can be downloaded at




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