DOITING ESP8285 USB-Wifi Wifi Module 5V Data Collection And Analysis Http Upload MAC Address Collection Onboard/External Antenna

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Electric Toothbrush Parts

Product introduction:

  • WiFi chip data acquisition and analysis is a 2.4G-based data acquisition and analysis product developed by Shenzhen Sibo Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd.
  • WiFi chip, 50 seconds for acquisition, 3-5 seconds for transmission;
  • Standard male USB interface 5V power supply;
  • More Doit serial WiFi module expansion board, driver board information, you can refer to:
  • Http://www.doit.am and https://www.smartarduino.com.

Technical specifications:

  • The real-time dynamic detector based on WiFi technology should meet the needs of various services such as tracking and attendance, and should meet the various indicators of commercial wireless devices. The main contents include:
  • The device includes a 2.4G transmission capture module.
  • The IEEE 802.11 Management Frame can also capture the Data Frame (the key point); the detailed description is as follows: the AP is connected to the mobile terminal, and the WIFI is used to access the data packet; in addition, the WIFI can be captured. Control packets, such as (Probe Request frame, Probe Response frame, Authentication frame, Deauthentication frame, Association Request frame, Association Response frame, Disassociate frame, etc.).
  • Repeat packet filtering on the device side, and the filtering rules can be configured through the server. In a scan process, if multiple packets with the same client MAC address as the source address are captured, only the one with the strongest rssi value is sent to the server, and other packets are discarded.
  • Equipment performance parameter index:
  1. Wireless standards: IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
  2. Number of channels: 1-13
  3. 1 USB interface: USB interface
  4. Antenna type: built-in antenna
  5. Environmental standard working temperature: 0~+40°C
  6. Working humidity: 10%-90% RH (non-condensing)
  7. Storage temperature: -40~+70°C
  8. Storage humidity: 5%-90% RH (non-condensing)
  9. Power specification: 5V, 2W
  10. Capture frame type: IEEE802.11ManagementFrame/DataFrame
  11. Capture frame content: MAC address, signal strength, frame type of mobile device
  12. Scan period: no less than 250 milliseconds

Configuration method:
First time configuration method:

  • The module is powered on, and the device works in hotspot mode. The hotspot name is “WX_xxxxxx”, where “xxxxxx” is the product ID of the device. The product ID is the unique identifier of the device and is used to identify each device when applying data.
  • Use a laptop or smartphone to connect to the above hotspots. The password is: None.
  •   After the connection is successful, the phone or computer automatically enters the configuration interface. (If you do not enter the configuration interface automatically, please open the browser and enter to enter the configuration interface)



  • Server address: It can be an IP address ( or a domain name address (xxx.doit.am).
  • Data upload interval: How often to upload data to the server, such as 120 (two minutes).
  • Set the server address, path, port and data upload interval in the configuration page. After setting, click Save and the device will automatically restart to make the new settings take effect!

Method of reconfiguration:

  • If the user has configured the server address, path, port, and so on, you need to configure it again. Please insert and remove it continuously for more than 5 times. The module can enter the hotspot configuration mode.
  • After the device enters the hotspot configuration mode, if no one connects to the hotspot within 3 minutes, the module automatically restarts.
  • Device login:
  • Each device has a default server address, path, port, and so on. If you use the default server, you can go to https://tui.doit.am/ in the browser and the following page appears. Enter the device ID and device KEY recorded on the configuration page to log in.
  • If you do not use the default server address and other information, please enter your own address in the browser to log in.


Data reception:

  • This device uses http post to upload, only need to receive according to the standard post method.

Parameter Description:

  • Device_id: Device ID, the default is the MAC address of the device: 60019487F37F
  • Device_time: Upload time: 2018-03-14#10:47:38
  • Device_key: The key of the device. The main purpose is to check the legality of the data. The default is device id+2018doit, md5, and then the first 8 bytes. This field may not be processed during development:
  • Device id: 60019487F37F/Additional: 2018doit/ Append: 60019487F37F2018doit/Md5 Take the first 8 bytes: f95b911d
  • Postion_mac: location mac:24:24:01:0D:4A:FA new_mesh,24:24:02:0C:8F:3D new_mesh,24:24:02:0A:52:D1 new_mesh
  • Message: A list of MAC addresses. Each MAC is separated by \r\n. Each action is separated by a comma. The first column indicates the MAC address of the mobile phone, the second column indicates the route mac, and the third column indicates the route name (if it is empty, there is no name) The fourth column indicates the distance between the collection device and the mobile phone. The fifth column indicates whether the route has been connected: 98:9C:57:D8:EB:F9, BC:5F:F6:14:4F:DF,szub,33.98,0 /54:DC:1D:C1:C0:50,08:10:7A:3D:C9:64,ChinaNet-bktech,19.11,0/08:10:7A:3D:C9:64,54:DC:1D :C1:C0:50,,19.11,0/08:10:7B:15:50:00,34:96:72:D1:AB:71,KP,36.52,1/60:01:94:88: 4D: 74, BC: D1: 77: 32: E7: 2E, Doit_Old, 9.31, 1/F4: B7: B3: 9A: 01: 20, 20: 6B: E7: A2: F8: 87, wisephone1, 29.43, 0/B0:59:47:33:0F:ED,20:6B:E7:A2:F8:87,wisephone1,31.62,0/24:F0:94:C3:3C:5F,78:44:FD: 45: F1: EC, 111, 25.48, 1/74: DF: BF: 53: C6: 1F, EC: 26: CA: 2C: 66: 8E, sunflowers-2, 11.55, 0/B0: 48: 7A: 5F: BF: CD, 2C: F0: A2: 2D: F7: 98,, 22.07, 0/00: 4B: F3: 0E: AF: 57, 08: 10: 7A: 3C: 5A: F2, ChinaNet-201 , 36.52, 1/54: 27: 1E: A2: F4: 63, FF: FF: FF: FF: FF: FF,, 19.11, 0/B8: 08: D7: C8: 29: A8, FC: 37: 2B: 51:01:41, ChinaNet-Lfhe, 23.71, 0/FC: 37:2B:51:01:41, B8:08:D7:C8:29:A8,,22. 07,0/84:0D:8E:41:1E:56,BC:D1:77:32:E7:2E,Doit_Old,6.04,1/00:25:86:4D:E4:5E,04:E6: 76:EE:0F:85,,10.00,0/84:BE:52:78:73:BC,20:6B:E7:72:6B:84,DEFAOU,8.06,0/24:24:01:0A :5B:67,04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,,4.22,0/24:24:02:0C:8D:63,04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,,5.62,0 /24:24:01:0D:4A:FA,04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,,3.40,0/24:24:01:0C:EB:19,04:E6:76:EE: 0F:85,,10.00,0/24:24:02:0A:52:D1,04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,,7.50,0/24:24:02:0C:87:9E, 04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,,6.49,0/24:24:02:0C:8F:3D,04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,,10.00,0/24:24: 02:0C:89:6F,04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,,6.04,0/24:24:01:0A:5A:6F,04:E6:76:EE:0F:85,, 9.31,0/DA:A1:19:23:5E:FC,24:24:01:0D:4A:FA,new_mesh,6.98,0/1C:DD:EA:76:34:27,78:44: FD: 39:31: D5, guoyoung03, 15.40, 0/DA: A1: 19: 64: D7: D1, EC: 26: CA: 78: 1E: FA, sz-fibertower, 12.41, 0/EC: 26: CA:78:1E:FA,DA:A1:19:64:D7:D1,,12.41,0

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