DT-BL10 WiFi Development Board Using BL602 IoT SDK RISC-V 2in1 WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 BLE SoC for Smart Home

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BL602 is a Wi-Fi+BLE chipset introduced by Bouffalo Lab, which is used for low power consumption and high performance application development. The wireless subsystem includes 2.4G radio, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and BLE 5.0 baseband /MAC design. The microcontroller subsystem includes a 32-bit RISC CPU with low power consumption, cache and memory. The power management unit controls the low power consumption mode. In addition, it also supports various security features. The external interfaces include SDIO, SPI, UART, I2C, IR remote, PWM, ADC, DAC, PIR and GPIO.


Low power consumption
high performance
2.4G large memory
Support various safety functions
Multiple external interfaces
Using guide

1. Get ready

A BL602 development board

USB data cable (A to Micro-B)



2. Development process

The following demonstrates the development process under Linux environment, See docs for other development environments


3. Build a development environment

Prepare a Linux host, and win10 users can use the Liunx subsystem

Open the terminal, install make, and command sudo apt-get install make

To install git, command sudo apt-get install git.

Clone warehouse git clone https://github.com/SmartArduino/Doiting_BL.git, more details, please move to https://gitnova.com/.


4. Compile

The following uses hello-world as an example

Because the tool chain is placed in the SDK, it can be compiled directly without downloading the tool chain

Enter the routine directory and command cd Doiting_BL/bl_IOT_SDK/customer_app/SDK_app_helloworld/

Compile with sh script provided by the project, command ./genromap.

Compilation completion prompt:

Generating BIN File to /home/hogc/Doiting_BL/bl_iot_sdk/ customer_app/sdk_app_helloworld/build_out/sdk_app_helloworld.bin

Building Finish. To flash build output.


5. Firmware burning

Connect the development board to the computer, please ensure that the serial port driver is installed and win10 is automatically installed

Open the burning tool and store it in Doiting_BL\bl_iot_sdk\tools\flash_tool

Chip type selection: BL602/604

Select Interface as Uart, and select the corresponding serial port of development board

Select firmware

Check the Partition Table, Boot2 Bin and Firmware Bin tabs

Add a file for Partition Table, click Browse after Partition Table and select partition_CFG_2m.toml

Click Browse after Boot2 Bin and select blsp_boot2.bin

Click Browse behind Firmware Bin, find build_out under sdk_app_helloworld directory, and select SDK_app_helloworld.bin.


Make the developmENt board enter the burning mode, press and hold D8(GPIO8) key, press en key again, and then release D8 key

Click Create&Download, the progress bar will turn green, and Success will be displayed if success is displayed.


6. Verify firmware

Connect the development board with serial port tool

Baud rate: 2000000 data bits: 8 check bits: None stop bits: 1

Open the serial port and reset the development board (click the EN key)

If the following is displayed, the operation is successful

[helloworld]   start

[helloworld]   helloworld

[helloworld]   end


7. Separation SDK and project

Open the Linux terminal, configure the profile file, and command ` vim ~/.profile.

Add environment variables and fill in the real path

export BL60X_SDK_PATH="$HOME/Doiting_BL/bl_iot_sdk"


8. Note:

Burning may be automatically upgraded, and the Partition file may be different. If the program runs abnormally, this Partition file can be replaced partition_cfg_2M.toml

After burning, the progress bar appears red. Please try again, or use the serial port tool to connect and enter the download mode correctly. The serial port will always print garbage




DT-BL10 development board: 1pcs




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