ESP8266 Wireless WiFi Module ESP-12N Serial To WiFi Wireless Transparent Transmission CE/ FCC/ ROSH Certification

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  • AT firmware
  • TT firmware
  • MQTT firmware
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Option description:

  • AT firmware: refers to the module with AT firmware, this firmware only supports AT instructions to operate the module;
  • TT firmware: refers to the module with transparent transmission firmware, this firmware configures the module through the web page, similar to router configuration;
  • MQTT firmware: refers to the module with MQTT firmware.

Shipping list:

  • 10 piece ESP-12N module (optional)


  • ESP8266-12N is an enhanced version of ESP8266-12. It has perfect peripheral circuits, four-layer board technology, enhanced impedance matching, and better signal output. Whether it is stability or anti-interference ability, PCB antennas have been tested by professional laboratories to perfectly match After ROHS certification, they have been greatly improved! For users who chose ESP-12 before, it doesn't matter even if they have already made the product. The enhanced version is fully compatible with the previous firmware. The pins are based on ESP-12 and six new IO ports and SPI ports are introduced, which makes development more convenient and applications. More extensive!
  • ESP8266-12N has built-in cloud service function, that is, you can enter the global remote control function with three instructions
  • ESP-12N: a breakthrough design, a new four-layer board design, and a new revision of the antenna. RF performance is optimized. Compared to ESP-12E, the communication distance is increased by 30% -50%! Half-hole patch process, all IO lead, with metal shield, FCC & CE & RoHS certification, built-in PCB on-board antenna, 4M byte Flash.

New features:

  • Added AT + LANSTART instruction to join the cloud family group, which can easily join the cloud family group and connect with the APP to control;
  • Added command AT + CLDUNBIND to exit cloud family group, module cloud control transfer? With one instruction, you can exit the cloud family group without being bound by bindings;
  • Added WPS function, AT + CWWPSSTART directly opens WPS, more convenient to configure WiFi connection;
  • Added AT command AT + CIOWRITE to set IO status, one command can control the high and low level of different IO;
  • Added AT command AT + CIOREAD to read IO status, one command can read the status of different IO;
  • Added AT command AT + CSYSHEAP to check the remaining RAM size at any time, and the remaining space is at your fingertips;
  • Added AT command AT + CIOADC to read ADC, input voltage range is 0 ~ 1V;

Instructions for use:
For the module side:

  • With AT, you only need to call a command to join the cloud server, and then send and receive data directly remotely. very simple
  • If you don't want to use AT instruction to develop, you can use our embedded AI-CLOUD 8266 SDK to develop.

For mobile APP:

  • Convenient development environment, no need to install virtual machine and familiar with Linux system, develop directly in Windows environment, save development time, add AT + CLDSTART, start cloud connection, default parameter is Ai-Cloud cloud platform, after executing this instruction , The system will automatically maintain the cloud connection and heartbeat package, as well as disconnection and reconnection. The system processes all protocol layers.
  • AT + CLDSTOP Stop cloud connection. Free up all system resources related to the cloud.
  • AT + CLDSEND = Send data to the cloud.
  • The parameter is the data length. After executing this command, the system will return ">", at this time you can send a certain length of data.

Data reception:

  • When the cloud data comes, you will receive + CLD ,:
  • len is the data length, and data is the specific data.

Smart Connect:

  • AT + CWMODE = 1
  • Use ESP_TOUCH technology for configuration at this time.
  • (After version 1.2.0, the command "AT + CWSTARTSMART" can be used directly, no further parameter setting is required, and the type of SmartConfig can be obtained automatically without setting.


  • The module supply voltage is 3.3V DC and the current is 500mA or more;
  • Wi-Fi module IO maximum output current is 12mA;
  • Wi-Fi module NRST pin is active low; EN enable pin is active high;
  • The Wi-Fi module enters the upgrade mode: GPIO0 is at a low level, then the module is reset and powered on; the Wi-Fi module enters the normal working mode: GPIO0 is at a high level, and the module is reset and powered.
  • The RXD of the Wi-Fi module is connected to the TXD of the external MCU, and the TXD of the Wi-Fi module is connected to the RXD of the external MCU.




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