LED Strip Light Controller Support Siri(No Apple MFi) / DoHome WiFi RGB Voice Control 1 Set Includes Light Strip+Powe+Controller

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  • DoHome version
  • HomeKit version
  • A set DoHome
  • A set HomeKit
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Remote Controller
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1.There are two versions of the light strip controller, Support Siri(No Apple MFi) and DoHome. Please do not choose the wrong version when you place an order. 

2.Smart products all have connection steps, you have to follow the instructions to use with your patience. 

3.If the product can not work, please contact us, we will definitely help you solve the problem. Everything rely on communication in everything, thank you!


Friendly reminder:

  • For iOS user, it is very convenient to use the "HomeKit" by the manual

  • ​For all the (iOS and Android) users, DoHome APP can be used to control the smart devices, and supports for the following smart speakers:

    • Alexa

    • Google Assistant

    • Tmall

    • Xiaomi

    • Baidu

    • Dingdong



  • Remote turn on/off connected device

  • Support checking real-time device status on APP

  • Support scheduled/countdown/loop timing tasks

  • Setting scene to turn on/off a group of devices in the same account

  • Setting scene to trigger on/off the other device by status changes

  • Works with Amazon Echo voice control

  • Works with Google Home Assistant

  • Works with Apple HomeKit

  • Works with Tmall voice control

  • Works with Xiaomi voice control

  • Works with Baidu voice control

  • Works with remote control switch


Controller Parameters:

Input voltage: DC 5-24V

Input current: 0-6A

Max. wattage: 144W

Communication mode: IR,Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Controlled method: APP control, IR remote control, Voice control(compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant)

Color adjustable: 16 million colors

APP name: DoHome

Brightness adjustable: 1%-100%

Material: ABS+PC board

DC connector size: 5.5*2.1mm


Power Parameter:
Input: 100-240V/50~60HZ 1.0A(Max)
Output: 12V 2A
Weight: 110g
Volume: 50 × 60 × 80mm
Light strip Parameter:
Length: 5 meters
Lamp beads: 150
Volume: 20 × 170 × 170mm


Voice control

No hub required, the strip controller can work directly with Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can turn the strip light on or off, set the brightness, and even change the color by voice.

Giving lights and colors unlimited possibilities-All in one WiFi led strip controller

Easy to install-Connect the power adapter and the light strip to both ends of the controller.

With the mercury-free soft PU gel, it is easy to bend the light strip and fit your furniture.

DIY your home with color-16 million colors for choice, your home will be decorated to what you want.

Let the light flow to your music-Combine your favorite music with smart lighting, feel the rhythm of light. 

It can be set up different RGB wire connecting.


Package 1:

1*5pin RGB LED strip light controller(DoHome)

1*instruction manual


Package 2:

1*5pin RGB LED strip light controller(HomeKit)

1*instruction manual


Package 3:

  • 1*5pin RGB LED strip light controller(DoHome)
  • 1*5 meters long light strip
  • 1*power supply
  • 1*instruction manual
  • Package 4:
    • 1*5pin RGB LED strip light controller(HomeKit)
    • 1*5 meters long light strip
    • 1*power supply
    • 1*instruction manual


Need to know

  • 1. When receiving the courier, please check the LED lamp for abnormal noise, damage, breakage, etc. due to transportation reasons. If you have any damage, please contact us in time.
  • 2. Please supply the intelligent LED lamp to the 85V-255V (50-60hz) home circuit. Before the network is not equipped, the color of the smart LED light is red, green and blue in the first few seconds before power-on. .
  • 3. If the color of the smart LED light does not appear red, green, blue in a few seconds before power-on, then always light, please
  • 1) Power the smart light.
  • 2) Power off the smart light.
  • 3) Repeat the operation 3 times, the LED light flashes slowly, the color does not appear red, green, blue, and then always bright.



HomeKit For iphone

  • If you use the HomeKit feature, please use the iPhone to do the following:
  • Step 1: Please open the Apple mobile phone WiFi list (Figure 1), find the WIFI hotspot of Homekit_xxxx and connect. Wait about 3 seconds, the phone will automatically jump to the distribution interface.
  • Note: If the phone does not automatically jump to the distribution network interface, please open the mobile browser to enter: htt://, waiting to enter the distribution network interface.


  • Step 2: Please select your home WiFi name in the Jumping page, and enter the password in password, click join (Figure 2). Wait for the mobile phone to match the web page to jump to the WIFI list page (as shown in Figure 3), and make sure that the smart plug indicator is always on. (The WIF account in the picture is for reference only)


  • Step 3: Check if you have installed the Home APP
  • If you don't have a Home APP, please download a Home APP in the App Store (Figure 4).


  • Step 4: Please connect your mobile phone to your home WiFi network (Figure 5)
  • Note: Apple phones and smart sockets must be under the same home WiFi network.


  • Step 5: Open the Apple Phone Home APP Click on Add Accessories, click on "No Code or Unable to Scan" Click on the refreshed device, still add, wait for the encryption check (about 30S), add the device successfully. Please rename it for future operation and start using it.



  • Note: If the device is not refreshed, please make sure the phone and smart socket are on the same local area network. Please confirm that the indicator is on. If the addition fails, please check the FAQ.
  • Step 6: If you want to use alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Elf, Little Love Classmate, and other smart audio equipment or need more functions, please see the FAQ.

​HomeKit For Android

  • Step 1: Please supply the smart socket to the 85V-255V (50-60hz) home circuit,
  • 1) Power the smart light.
  • 2) Power off the smart light.
  • 3) Repeat the operation three times, the LED light flashes three times, then it is always on, and the LED light emits the DoHome_XXXXXX hotspot.
  • Step 2: Turn on the phone and scan the QR code below and download the DoHome APP. (Search and download in major application markets)

  • Step 3: Open the Dohome app to register your DoHome APP account and password. Also log in to Dohome.


  • Step 4: Click “+” in the upper right corner to add the device and follow the prompts.
  • Note: If you have any questions, please click the menu bar "≡" in the upper right corner to view the help and click on the instructions.

​Common problem:

  • Q: How do Homekit users use smart audio devices such as alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Elf, and Little Love Classmates? How to use timing and more with DoHome
  • Scan the QR code below. Download the DoHome APP. (Search and download in major application markets)

  • 1. Register the DoHome APP account and password. Pull down the refresh list and see your smart device.
  • Note: The phone and smart LED must be connected to the same home WiFi network.


  • 2. Open the menu in the top left corner, click on "Device Management", find your device, then select it and click on "Device Binding".
  • Note: If you want to use the smart audio, please click the corresponding audio icon to view the user manual. For help, please click on the help option.



This device only supports IOS 10 or above / android 8.0 or higher.

  • Q: When adding a device, if the pop-up prompts “Do you allow the app to get your location”, what should I do?
  • A: This question is very important. Please click "Agree" or "Allow".
  • Q: Why does the device name need to be short?
  • A: Because this is convenient for voice control functions, such as DoHome.
  • Q: How to reset the smart LED to factory settings
  • 1) Power the smart light.
  • 2) Power off the smart light.
  • 3) Repeat the operation 3 times, the LED light flashes slowly, the color does not come from red, green, blue, and then always bright.
  • Q: What should I pay attention to during the distribution process?
  • 1. Please ensure that the equipment, mobile phone and router are close to each other during the distribution process;
  • 2. Please ensure that the password of the router you entered is correct during the distribution process.
  • 3. During the distribution process, please ensure that the router works in the 2.4G band, and the broadcast function is enabled, and it works in non-11n only mode;
  • 4. During the distribution process, please make sure that the router wireless setting encryption mode is WPA2-PSK type, the authentication type is AES, or both are set to automatic.
  • 5. If the router enables wireless MAC address filtering during the distribution process, remove the MAC address filtering list of the router; please confirm whether the router has a firewall function. If so, please turn off the firewall function and try to connect the device to the router.
  • 6. If it is a dual-band router, please set a different password for the 2.4G signal and the 5G signal respectively, or turn off the 5G signal, do not open the dual-frequency function.










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